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The Industry

With over $200 million in export revenues, Seafood Processing on PEI is a major contributor to provincial GDP.  Out members provide local markets for thousands of fishing operations and jobs for thousands more people on the Island.

Seafood Processing, although a long-standing industry on PEI, has seen major growth over the past decade.  We have gained an international reputation for high quality products and production methods.

Our local processors have developed and continue to create innovative processing techniques and recipes that have resulted in a diverse product line for all tastes.

Over the past several years we have also developed food safety and quality measures that are second to none on a global scale.  Each and every seafood product our members export undergoes strict scrutiny to ensure the highest standards are met in terms of safety, meat yield, taste, and packaging.

The recent advancements have not been achieved easily.  Obstacles to growth are rising as fast as growth itself.  Our members constantly deal with increased global competition; shrinking product margins; fluctuating fish supply; and a myriad of complex and evolving trade regulations.

Due to the cooperation of all our partners within government and industry our members have been able to build and maintain a growing industry in the face of this changing business environment.

Partnership is and has been key to our success. The Seafood Processors Association will work diligently with our partners to ensure our local Fishers continue to find local buyers; Islanders continue to find jobs in the industry; and our seafood products continue to find homes in international markets.