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Nutrition/Storage Facts


Live lobster should be cooked the same day they are purchased. Cooked whole lobsters should be stored in air tight containers and used within 2-3 days. Lobster can be frozen fresh or cooked

Nutrition: (Per 100 g of steamed meat)

Energy 98cal/Protien 20.57g/Fat 0.6g/Cholesterol 72mg/Carbohydrates 1.3g/Sodium 380mg/Potassium 352mg/Calcium 61mg


Like most shellfish, mussels are cooked while still alive. A living, fresh mussel should be tightly closed. Tapping on shells that seem slightly open, should close up a live mussel. Those that do not close should be discarded before cooking. Live mussels should be used within 2-3 days. Store in shallow dish covered with damp paper towels. Do not put in water or air tight container.

Mussels are low in fat, high in protien and vitamins B1 and B12, and a good source of a range of trace minerals.


The texture of fresh raw scallop meat shoud be firm and smell pleasing and mild. A healthy scallop whose shell is open should close tightly when tapped. Scallops should not be stored in water because the meats retain water and lose nutritional benefits and flavor. Live scallops should be covered with a clean wet towel to prevent drying and used the day of purchase. Scallop meats freeze well.

Nutrition: Water 66.78g/Protien 14.26g/Fat .64g/Cholesterol 28mg/Calcium 21mg/Sodium 137mg

Snow Crab:

When cooked the shell of the snow crab turns bright orange. The meat has a rich, sweet flavour and firm texture. Snow crab is sold fully pre-cooked and frozen. Quick freezing and light glazing to prevent dehydration during storage enhance shelf life.


Energy 115cal/Protien 23.7g/Fat 1.15g/Cholesterol 71mg/Carbohydrates Trace/Sodium 514mg/Potassium 200mg/Calcium 33mg


Oysters should be chilled at all times. Live oysters have tightly closed shells and if they are open they should close when tapped. Live oysters can be refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. Do not store in closed containers or plastic bags, and only wash when ready to use. Shucked oysters can be refrigerated up to one week or frozen for 2-3months.


(100g of raw meat) Energy 66cal/Carbohydrates 3.4g/Protien 8.4g/Iron 5.5g/Sodium 72.9mg/Calcium 93.8mg