Associate Members

Associate Members

Island lobster processors provide Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products to customers world-wide. In order to maintain a transparent chain of custody, companies who purchase lobsters from fishers for resell to lobster processors must be MSC certified. Lobster buyers who received their MSC certification through the PEISPA and lobster processors who are not members of PEISPA are provided with associate membership. PEISPA is responsible to ensure the list of MSC certified lobster buyers is accurate and up to date.

MSC Certified Lobster Buyers:

Alberton Fisheries
Annandale Fisheries
Arsenault Fish Mart
B&C Shellfish
Basin View Seafood
Hardy's Channel
Hidden Cove Lobster and Bait                                                                                                                                                              JMK Fish Mart
Kildare Fisheries
L&S Fisheries
Machon Point Fisherman’s Coop
Maddix Seafood
Maritime Select Lobster
Milligan Fisheries

MSC Certified Processors Who Are Not Members Of PEISPA:

Southshore Seafood
By The Water Shellfish
Captain Cooke's Seafood