Learning & Development for PEISPA Members


Welcome to the Learning & Development section of the PEI Seafood Processors Associations (PEISPA) website, your dedicated platform for professional growth and skill enhancement.

At PEISPA, we are committed to empowering our members and their staff with a selection of learning opportunities tailored to the needs of the Seafood Processing Industry.

Discover our selection of resources including...

  • ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING sessions designed to support supervisors and senior leadership.
  • A collection of LEADERSHIP TRAINING sessions that can be completed online or in classroom.
  • Our interactive TRAINING CALENDAR that showcases upcoming training sessions in your region.
  • Online/On-demand (at your own pace) TRAINING PROGRAMS that offer flexibility to accommodate busy schedules.

It is important that we invest in the future of our sector and its workforce, by providing the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive environment.


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