PEISPA has formed a collaborative team of seafood processors dedicated to providing their clients with delicious tasty, seafood. We know there is strength in numbers, and by working together we can take advantage of opportunities to enhance our seafood processing enterprises and increase our markets around the world. Our membership represents a diverse range of seafood products. Please visit our members’ websites to learn more about their products, their people and their communities.


Tel: 902-854-2675

Acadian Supreme Inc.

Abrams Village

Acadian Supreme Inc. is one of the largest processors of lobster on Prince Edward Island. Acadian Supreme has positioned itself as a high-quality producer within the seafood industry and offers a wide range of products to compliment our Lobster, such as, Scallops, Crab, and many Special Custom Packs. Our plant is one of the most modern in North America. We are committed to delivering high-end value-added products in a super clean environment.

Atlantic Aqua Farms

Canadian Cove

Atlantic Aqua Farms is North America’s largest grower and processor of the widely recognized, high quality, Prince Edward Island Mussels under the brand name Canadian Cove. Canadian Cove is a fully integrated, rope cultured mussel farming and processing company, and we’re proudly the number one supplier of premium, live mussels in North America. Our food processing and farming practices are focused on environmental stewardship, food safety and quality.


Tel: 902-962-2030

Beach Point Processing

Murray Harbour

We are a BRC-certified processor of wild caught, North Atlantic lobster from Canada and Maine. The majority of our lobster comes from sustainable fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Years spent perfecting production methods, optimizing specifications, and improving quality have resulted in a wide variety of frozen lobster products that will exceed your expectations.


Tel: 902-962-2248

Belle River Enterprises

Belle River

Belle River Enterprises Ltd was founded in 1982. The company's line of business includes preparing fresh and raw or cooked frozen seafood. Products include Crab (Jonah), Crab (Rock) and Lobster.


Tel: 902-859-1294

Kildare Princess Seafood Product Inc.

Cape Wolfe, O’Leary

We are located along the West Capes of beautiful Prince Edward Island. Products include Jonah Crab, Rock Crab, Atlantic Lobster, Oysters and Snow Crab. Our Rock Crab is harvested predominantly out of the Northumberland Strait that separates Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. This crab is almost identical to the Jonah Crab, but is only half the size.


Tel: 902-838-3908

North Lake Fisheries

North Lake | Montague

North Lake Fisheries is a high-quality custom and value-added seafood processing company, with 2 facilities located in beautiful Prince Edward Island. We strive to work with the highest Quality certifications while keeping a strong focus on maintaining sustainable fishing initiatives. Both our facilities are HACCAP, MSC and BRC Certified giving us the ability to create and ship our products worldwide as well as allowing us to offer a large variety of retail and foodservice products containing the MSC eco label. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to excellence and exceeding customer expectations.


Tel: 902-886-2220

Prince Edward Aqua

New London

Prince Edward Aqua Farms of New London, Prince Edward Island has been harvesting and processing top quality shellfish since 1989. Over 25 years of experience has led us to providing our Island Gold Blue Mussels enjoyed in homes and in fine dining establishments across North America and beyond, along with our quality PEI Oysters, PEI Clams, and PEI Quahogs. Prince Edward Aqua Farms has access to some of the most ideal growing and harvesting conditions available that Atlantic Canada has to offer, such as the scenic Malpeque Bay. These natural bays provide the best environment for rope grown blue mussels, offering top quality, hearty mussel meats harvested year-round.


Tel: 902-961-3300

PEI Mussel King


We are the most established mussel company in the Canadian industry – family-owned and continuously operated since 1978. As a family-owned operation, we have a unique depth of experience, passion, personal pride, and investment in our business. At Mussel King, we culture (farm) our mussels in their natural habitat – the rich, pristine waters of Prince Edward Island, on Canada’s East coast.


Tel: 902-882-5051 ext. 562

Royal Star Foods


Royal Star Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd., is the largest Atlantic lobster processor on Prince Edward Island. We are a prime and innovative processor of Atlantic lobsters in various forms for both retail and food service. Our brand, Atlantic Star – Star of the Sea, is a well respected, world renowned brand due to its consistency in high quality. Over the past 88 years, we have gained a reputation throughout the world as an example of people working together for the success of our industry. Through our long history, we owe our success to good management, loyal and skilled employees, and the persistence of the fishers to keep up to date on changes in the industry.


Tel: 902-652-2316

Seafood 2000


Seafood 2000 Ltd is a producer of high-quality seafood products located in the picturesque community of Georgetown, Prince Edward Island. With a goal-oriented management team and skilled employees who take pride in their work, the dedicated Seafood 2000 Ltd. team continues to satisfy customers throughout the U.S, Europe, Canada, and Asia. Committed to producing safe, top quality products, Seafood 2000 Ltd will compete and thrive in the 21st century marketplace.



Tel: 902-436-9892

Sogelco-Summerside Seafood Supreme


Founded in 1976, Sogelco International has over 40 years of experience in the seafood industry. We represent leadership in the production and export of frozen seafood worldwide. We bring our skills and our knowledge to ensure that your seafood requirements, and those of your customers, will always be met. Sogelco has two processing plants (PEI and New Brunswick). It is our strength to produce, process, control, and market the finest quality seafood products. We also work in partnership with numerous plants to pass on our know-how for the benefit of the seafood industry. Products include – Lobster (Lobsterine Base, Whole Cooks, Whole Raw, Raw Tails, CK Meat), Rock Crab (Crabterine Base, Sections), Mussels (Pasturized).