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Team Seafood Student Job Bonus

WEBSITE: teamfoodisland.ca

This initiative was created to assist PEI Seafood Processing plants to address labour market challenges in their communities by increasing the recruitment of students (high school and post-secondary) for the processing season. Team Food Island helps PEI students gain experience and earn extra funds to further their education.

Formerly known as Team Seafood, the program has since been expanded to Aquaculture and Agriculture as well, and since 2022 is jointly managed as Team Food Island under the direction of the PEI Seafood Processors Association, and with funding from SkillsPEI.

Under the program, students completing a seasonal job in the seafood processing or aquaculture industries can earn a $1000-$2000 completion bonus. Students going into high school in the fall work a minimum 250 hours to earn a $1000 bonus, and those going into post-secondary studies work 500 hours and earn a $2000 bonus. Employers pay the bonus directly to students upon completion of their work term, and then submit a claim to Team Food Island to be reimbursed for 50% of the total bonuses paid.

For more information and to apply, please visit www.teamfoodisland.ca.

Lobster Processor Certification

Consumers who buy PEI lobster products, either live or processed, can be assured that these products originate from a sustainable wild harvest. This assurance is provided through the Marine Stewardship Council (MCS), a global nonprofit organization established to protect the last major food resource that is truly wild: seafood. The PEI Seafood Processors Association, in concert with PEI Fishers and PEI First Nations, are champions of MSC certification for lobster harvesting and processing on PEI. MSC is the most-recognized global, wild fishery certification organization to offer ocean to plate traceability through supply chain certification. MSC conducts third party audits to ensure that sustainable harvesting and processing standards are followed. The MSC program provides millions of North Americans access to sustainable, traceable seafood.

Mussel Processor Certification

Mussel processors in our association grow their mussels in pristine waters with great care for the natural environment. Their operations are certified through third party agencies to assure consumers that they are consuming a safe and quality product with environmental stewardship as a number one priority.

Ocean Wise Recommended  Certified Best Aquaculture Practices

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Programs

PEISPA, on behalf of its members, coordinates food safety and quality assurance programs to ensure our seafood products are handled and produced in a safe and consistent manner. PEISPA, through a knowledgeable educator, offers food safety and quality assurance programs to interested members so that processing facilities are up to date on changes to food safety regulations and food handling practices. These programs help to maintain our reputation as producers of tasty, delicious and safe seafood.